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Aldon Company, Inc. is your resource for the safety products and tools your industrial railyard needs to keep you in compliance with OSHA regulations and FRA guidelines:

Aldon® Hinged Derail
Hinged Derail with Pop-up Sign Holder. Derails are available in Permanent and Portable models
Aldon® Sign Holders and Sign Plates
We have a wide variety of Sign Holders and Sign Plates. The sign plates are available with standard OSHA-style wordings and with custom wordings. The Clamp-on Sign Holder is shown.
Single Cast Steel Chock with Flag
Aldon® Cast Steel Wheel Chocks all have a pair of “replaceable steel spurs” which bite into the rail to keep the chock from sliding. The spurs can be removed, turned to a new edge, and replaced with the spur becomes worn; then you can replace the spur instead of the chock!

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Aldon® also offers a wide variety of track tools that are made to AREMA specifications.  They are rugged and well-made and make railroad work safer and easier.

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